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张高兴的 Windows 10 IoT 开发笔记:DHT11 温湿度传感器

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This is a Windows 10 IoT Core project on the Raspberry Pi 2/3, coded by C#.



  • OUT - Pin 3
  • VCC - 5V
  • GND - GND



What Contains

In DHT11.cs file

One Struct

// DHT11 data struct
struct DHT11Data
  // Temperature - ℃
  public short Temperature;
  // Humidity - %
  public short Humidity;
  // Check the data is true or false
  public bool IsTrue;

One Constructor

You need to pass sensor pin value to create a new object.

Three Methods

// Initialize DHT11
public void Initialize();
// Read data from DHT11
public DHT11Data Read();
// Cleanup
public void Dispose();

How to Use

  • First, you need to create a DHT11 object. After that you should call Initialize() to initialize.
DHT11 sensor = new DHT11(3);
  • Second, Read().
DHT11Data data = sensor.Read();
  • If you want to close the sensor, call Dispose().
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